Masterclass for young people facing 11+/Entrance Exams

  • Efficient, effective revision techniques for better exam performance
  • Boost motivation and confidence
  • Reduce exam stress
  • Happier children and parents

Tougher Minds is staging its award-winning resilience training in Blackheath Village in south-east London (a short walk from the station). These “Masterclasses for families” will show simple and practical techniques for enhancing well-being and reducing stress for young pupils facing 11+ or entrance exams and the move to school Year 7.

The training is designed help every member of the family, at this key stage of education.

It will allow parents to offer additional support to their children, in their studies and in their lives outside the classroom.  It empowers young people to take more control of their own lives. 

These Blackheath Masterclasses will be delivered by Andrew Foster, Tougher Minds’ Head of Education and former Head of Academic Performance at Colfe’s School.

Parents and children are welcome to attend together. The small group setting will allow extended opportunities for productive discussion.

27 Jun 2017 - 27 Jun 2017


1 Lawn Terrace
Blackheath Village

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